Become a church planter in the
United States


We would like to be a channel of blessings in this country. We are Brazilians who are dedicating our lives to bring the Gospel. People that have become missionaries in a foreign land, we understand the Lord’s calling. We have decided to answer the “Go” from the Lord and preach the Gospel. In Response we have left our homes, our heritage, and all the opportunities that have been given to many of us to give back to the United States. We would also like to thank the men and women that were sent to Brazil to preach the Gospel, and in that country they dedicated their lives to bless ours. Today it is our turn to pray and see this nation full of the Glory of the Lord. We sincerely thank this country for welcoming us!

Vine Program Ministry (VSM) is committed to the truth that God loves people, gave Himself for them, and has given His Church supernatural power to bring individuals and nations into wholeness. The mission of (VSM) is to equip and deploy revivalists who passionately pursue worldwide transformation in their God-given spheres of influence.
During this volunteer time a person remains on average 1 year serving while being taught in some of our churches in planting project.(All depending of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services -USCIS authorization)

A deep experience
with God and His purpose.


Be a servant

The candidate will assist the work of a church planting, offering support to community, serving the poor, ministering to children, youth and adults. The student will receive training from us to the mission field.


Church based life groups

The volunteer will be engaged in visits at houses aiming stablish there new life groups. This experience enriches the education of our students. The main church planting strategy that we practice is through the establishment of life groups in homes.

A time 100%
for God

"For a day in your courts is better than a thousand elsewhere. (Psalms 84:10)

We are The Program Pioneer Work in the United States focused on a deep life with God in forming the character of Christ, and a practical leadership experience. The pastoral course will last for one and a half year - The curriculum is formed with 40 subjects.
We live in a personal discipleship that addresses three areas: the formation of character through involvement in day-to-day life of the Church, and the formation of each volunteer leadership potential through training their skills in conquering souls, leading life groups and make disciples for Christ.
The missionary student will have at his/her disposal the study of out of class experiences like cooking class.

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